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Beautiful Colors – the posters of Duran Duran

Annie Payne - Tuesday 29.07.14, 19:19pm

Beautiful Colors - the posters of Duran Duran by Andy Golub

Beautiful Colors - the posters of Duran Duran

Beautiful Colors is a book examining Duran Duran’s career as it has never been seen before… through their posters.

From 1978 up to the present day, the band’s evolution is chronicled with rare and vintage promotional posters from the largest Duran Duran archive in the world; tours, tribulations, and triumphs are charted as each album is released, viewed through an array of stunning art and photography.

Highlights in the book include posters from Duran Duran’s formative years, previously unseen posters that were never put into production, insights from artists and designers on their creations, and a foreword by Duran Duran co-founder, Nick Rhodes.

Andrew Golub has been a devoted fan of Duran Duran for over three decades. Known to Pacific Northwest radio stations as “Durandy,” Andrew has always strived to take his passion to a higher plane. His archive of band memorabilia houses an assortment of rare artifacts and paper ephemera that numbers in the thousands, including carefully restored posters and prints from every chapter of Duran Duran’s history. Selections from Andrew’s archive have been showcased in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, on A & E’s Biography television program, in two film documentaries, and in two public exhibitions.

Beautiful Colors by Andrew Golub is published by Durandy Productions LLC
as a limited edition (only 1000 printed) priced $75 Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Jane Badler, the Lizard Queen from Sci-Fi series ‘V’ to release new album

Annie Payne - Friday 18.07.14, 16:00pm

Jane Badler to release new album, Opus

Jane Badler to release new album, Opus

Fans of the hit Sci-Fi series ‘V’ will be excited to see Jane Badler, Diana The Lizard Queen emerging from the world of cult TV and exploding onto the music scene with her debut UK album, “Opus”, released on 1st September on Me Jane Records via JTV Digital. The album follows AA side single “Losing You” and “Volcano Boy” which is released on 7th July.

Opus’ is replete with stories of revenge, betrayal, redemption and power. The album expands Jane Badler’s aura of musical styles further from her work in acclaimed Melbourne indie outfit ‘Sir’ with dark 80s, cabaret-style, synth-pop, soul and jazz elements infused.

The album has been produced and mixed by Grammy-winning producer Jeff Bova, who has also worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Eric Clapton, Robert Palmer, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, Cher, Cyndi Lauper.  Of the writing experience Jane says “I had just finished two albums as the muse for a writer when I decided to write my own album. My record company at the time suggested I try a covers album, Being the rebel I Am started the long foolhardy journey of writing an album”.

Jane Badler, who played the role of Diana in both the original series and the seminal re-imagined 2011 version of “V,” is also an accomplished songstress who has worked with some of the industry greats over the years including producers Mark Saunders (Cyndi Lauper, The Cure) and Ivor Guest (Grace Jones’ “Hurricane”). Her early years were spent in New York, competing in the Miss America Pageant as a beauty queen, later becoming a drama student, before embarking on a successful career as a professional actress on stage and screen in the US for many years. She eventually ended up in Melbourne where she became a stalwart on the Aussie show “Neighbours.”

In 2008 Jane released her debut CD outside of the UK “The Devil Has My Double” with the Melbourne band Sir, followed in 2011 with “Tears Again.” She has also worked with internationally acclaimed producer Paul Grabowsky to deliver a record that reflects Jane’s long and varied career in Hollywood B films and television soaps throughout the 70s and 80s. The al pays homage to the melodrama of the era and earned her a nomination for “Best Female Artist” at the AGE awards.

Jane Badler – Opus Track listing

01. Addicted
02. Opus
03. Volcano Boy
04. Diamond Crimson Blood
05. Return To Passion
06. Losing You
07. Lover
08. Stuck On You
09. Fame
10. Dead Eyes
11. Black Dove Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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Kylie Minogue – new album Kiss Me Once & Tour Dates

Annie Payne - Tuesday 18.03.14, 12:49pm

Kylie Minogue's new album "Kiss Me Once"

Kylie Minogue's new album "Kiss Me Once"

Kylie Minogue’s new album “Kiss Me Once” is released this week. Tickets for her European Tour go on sale this Friday (21 March).

The Kiss Me Once Tour will open in the UK and will comprise of 31 shows in 15 countries – including 12 dates in the UK and Ireland.   Famous for her live shows, Kylie’s Kiss Me Once Tour will be true to form as a celebration of both new and old material.

The brand new album, ‘Kiss Me Once‘ is Kylie’s 12th studio album, her first since 2010’s ‘Aphrodite‘. The album was produced by Kylie and Sia, who also penned the title track.

Kylie also teams up with Pharrell Williams (who wrote and produced ‘I Was Gonna Cancel‘). Other producers include Ariel Rechtshaid (HAIM) on ‘If Only‘, MNEK on ‘Feels So Good‘, and Greg Kurstin on bonus track ‘Sleeping With The Enemy‘.

Tickets for the Kiss Me Once Tour go on sale at 9am on Friday 21st March.




29/09/14 – THE O2, LONDON

30/09/14 – THE O2 ,LONDON




08/11/14 – THE O2, DUBLIN




13/11/14 – MOTORPOINT ARENA, SHEFFIELD Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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ZTT Records Celebrates 30 Years with Frankie Said, The Organisation of Pop & The Art of the 12” Volume 3

Terry Lane - Wednesday 22.01.14, 20:40pm

‘Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition)’, ‘The Organisation of Pop (London Edition)’ & ‘The Art of the 12”, Volume Three’

‘Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition)’, ‘The Organisation of Pop (London Edition)’ & ‘The Art of the 12”, Volume Three’

In 1983 three individuals came together to form a record label that would not only produce hit records and make pop stars out of the artists they chose to work with. But it would become synonymous with the sound of 1980s power pop. ZTT (Zang Tumb Tuum) was formed by record producer and former Buggle (Video Killed The Radio Star) Trevor Horn; his wife, businesswoman and manager Jill Sinclair; and the well respected music journalist and failed musician, Paul Morley.

Their approach was to use not just the music industry, but the worlds of fashion & entertainment to be as commercial and successful as possible; and have no shame in flogging a dead horse to death by releasing different versions of a hit single to keep it at the top of the charts for as long as possible.

They unashamedly played the music industry as the big business machine it is and in the process welcomed the power of television and the new age of video, turned censorship to their advantage, and even used the fashion industry in a very successfully staged campaign of t-shirt sloganeering.  All of this was completely alien to the small, indie-cool record labels of the day; records labels that concerned themselves with limited editions, cool designs and the politics of anarcho-situationists or post-punk D-I-Y ethos.

ZTT was founded in 1983 with the ethos to: deliver a “surreal variety show…a European cabaret…a dream department producing perfect pop.”

Though ZTT Records has produced 45 Top 40 UK hit singles over the course of the past 30 years, it will always be most synonymous with Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The group was picked up after their promo video for ‘Relax’ was aired on Channel 4’s The Tube.  The rough-edged sound was good but lacked a polish and shine.  With the business-sense of ZTT Records and a powerful over-the-top Trevor Horn production, the band’s debut single ‘Relax’ was released in October 1983. But didn’t become a Top 40 until January 1984; and following a refusal to play the song due to the content of its lyrics by Radio 1 DJ Mike Reid, the single went to no.1 the following week and remained there for 5 weeks.

At no point did ZTT rest of their laurels as they continued to promote ‘Relax’ releasing different 12” mixes to keep the single at number one for as long as possible.  There was no sell-out as there was nothing to sell-out from.  ZTT set out to rule the pop waves; and considering their appetite for commercial success were amazingly able to do so with a certain uber cool.

ZTT and Frankie Goes To Hollywood were perfect for each other; for a while.  Frankie became only the second band to have three consecutive UK number 1 singles with their first three singles.  Yes, the other band was also from Liverpool; and no it wasn’t The Beatles!

Two Tribes’ & a Christmas number 1 with ‘The Power Of Love’ cemented Frankie Goes To Hollywood as the biggest thing in pop music.  All three debut hit singles featured on the debut album, ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ which went straight to number 1.  1984 and 1985 belonged to ZTT Records & Frankie Goes To Hollywood. But by 1986, over-egged egos and the release of their second album, FGTH’s time was coming to a close.  ‘Rage Hard’ peaked at no.4 and was the only top 10 hit to be taken from the album ‘ Liverpool’.  But ZTT already had plenty of other eggs in different baskets.  Before Stock, Aitken & Waterman’s Hit Factory, the UK Singles Charts were awash with Trevor Horn produced ZTT hits.  ABC, Grace Jones, Seal and the ‘in-house’ band The Art Of Noise, among them. While German- pop experimentalists, Propaganda cornered a cool, cult appeal; and Andrew Poppy was releasing electronic music such as ‘The Amusement’ and busy producing title music for TV shows such as The Tube.

Looking back at ZTT’s back catalogue is even more impressive than I had first imagined; and to mark the 30th anniversary of this innovative and successful record label, ZTT/Salvo Music will be releasing three CDs: ‘Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition)’, ‘The Organisation of Pop (London Edition)’ and ‘The Art of the 12”, Volume Three’ on 10th February.

These new CDs showcase ZTT’s collective vision and include the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, Propaganda, Art of Noise, Seal, 808 State, Shane MacGowan, Kirsty MacColl, Shades of Rhythm, Adamski, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Jones and many more.  They collect remixes, rare and classic 7” and 12” versions, promo videos, TV performances and classic ZTT experiments and overtures plus new forewords by co-founder, Paul Morley.

‘Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition)’ brings together – for the first time ever – Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s greatest singles, remixes, videos and TV appearances. Noise-shots from the ‘Welcome To the Pleasuredome’ and ‘Liverpool’ albums, and rare and unreleased footage from Top Of The Pops, ORS 84* and the Zang Tuum Tum archives. The 24-page booklet also features a new essay from Paul Morley.

The Organisation of Pop (London Edition) is a two-disc, 38-track anthology of the first 30 years of Zang Tuum Tumb. Disc One features 19 hit singles from 1983 to the present day while Disc Two, The Disorganisation of Pop, takes a tour of ZTT’s archive of experiments, overtures, remixes and special projects. Paul Morley writes about ZTT’s reorganisation of pop in the accompanying 24-page booklet.

The Art of the 12”, Volume Three’ features rare and classic 12” remixes by the godfathers of electronic and pop, threaded together by their off-shoot projects – and another 80s obsession – TV, film and ad themes, from and inspired by The Tube, The Word, Network 7, A Clockwork Orange, Moonlighting, Escape From New York and the golden era of MTV.



  1. Two Tribes (introduced via the piano of Anne Dudley)
  2. The Power of Love
  3. Relax (the last seven inches)
  4. Two Tribes (we don’t want to die)
  5. War!
  6. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (a remade world)
  7. Ferry Cross The Mersey (and here I’ll stay)
  8. Rage Hard
  9. Watching the Wildlife
  10. Born to Run (live on The Tube)
  11. Warriors of the Wasteland (attack) seven inch
  12. Kill the Pain
  13. Maximum Joy
  14. Two Tribes (annihilation) twelve inch
  15. Relax (New York) twelve inch
  16. The Power of Love (…best listened to by lovers)


  1. Relax (promo video)
  2. Relax (live version) (promo video)
  3. Relax (laser version) (promo video)
  4. Two Tribes (promo video)
  5. Two Tribes (video destructo) (promo video)
  6. The Power of Love (promo video)
  7. The Power of Love (version 2) (promo video)
  8. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (an alternative to reality) (promo video)
  9. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (the escape act) (promo video)
  10. Rage Hard (promo video)
  11. Warriors of the Wasteland (promo video)
  12. Watching the Wildlife (promo video)
  13. Relax (5/1/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  14. Two Tribes (9/8/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  15. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (28/3/85) (Top Of The Pops)
  16. Rage Hard (4/9/86) (Top Of The Pops)
  17. Two Tribes (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  18. The Power of Love (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  19. Relax (25/12/84) (Top Of The Pops)
  20. Wish (The Lads Were Here) (The Oxford Road Show)
  21. War! (The Oxford Road Show)
  22. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 1 (Commercial)
  23. “Relax – No.1 and Guiltless” version 2 (Commercial)
  24. “The Power of Love – Win Hearts and Minds” (Commercial)
  25. “Welcome to the Pleasuredome – The Event of the Decade” (Commercial)
  26. “and meanwhile… backstage”


CD1 (The Action Series)

  1. Grace Jones ‘Slave To The Rhythm’
  2. Seal ‘Crazy’
  3. 808 State ‘Pacific 707’
  4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’
  5. Art Of Noise ‘Close (to the Edit)’
  6. Propaganda ‘Duel’
  7. Seal ‘Kiss From A Rose’
  8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘The Power Of Love’
  9. Tom Jones ‘If I Only Knew’
  10. Shades Of Rhythm ‘Extacy’
  11. MC Tunes vs. 808 State ‘The Only Rhyme That Bites’
  12. Propaganda ‘Dr Mabuse’
  13. 808 State ‘In Yer Face’
  14. Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Two Tribes’
  15. David Jordan ‘Sun Goes Down’
  16. Shane MacGowan & Sinéad O’Connor ‘Haunted’
  17. Kirsty MacColl ‘Angel’ (Piano Version)
  18. Claudia Brücken ‘Thank You’
  19. Art of Noise ‘Moments In Love’

CD2 (The Incidental Series)

  1. Act ‘Snobbery & Decay’
  2. Instinct ‘Sleepwalking’ (7” Version)
  3. Anne Pigalle ‘Hé Stranger’
  4. Das Psych-oh! Rangers ‘Homage To The Blessed’
  5. Nasty Rox Inc. ‘9th Wonder’ (7” Version)
  6. Hoodlum Priest ‘Caucasian’
  7. Sun Electric ‘I Feel Free’
  8. Mantra ‘Intensify (I Love You)’
  9. Sexus ‘How Do You Kiss?’
  10. All Saints ‘Silver Shadow’ (7” Version)
  11. Leilani ‘I Am The Greatest’ (II)
  12. Public Demand ‘Invisible’ (Trevor Horn’s Invisible 7”)
  13. Lee Griffiths ‘Sign Of The Times’
  14. Lisa Stansfield ‘The Moment’
  15. Art Of Noise ‘Overture From The Seduction Of Claude Debussy’
  16. Adamski’s Thing ‘Piccadilly Circus’
  17. Aurora ‘Craving’ (7” Mix)
  18. Glenn Gregory & Claudia Brücken ‘When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time’ (2012 Version)
  19. Andrew Poppy ‘The Amusement’ (7” Edit)



  1. Star Cycle – a soundtrack from The Tube (Jeff Beck via Art of Noise)
  2. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Trailer Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  3. Love Missile F1-11 (Video Mix) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)
  4. Snobbery & Decay (The Naked Civil…) (Act)
  5. Fabergé, take one (Art of Noise)
  6. Escape From New York (Video Mix) (Nasty Rox Inc.)
  7. Close (To The Edit) (Original Ruff Mix) (Art Of Noise)
  8. Leave It (Hello, Goodbye Mix) (Yes)
  9. Complete Machinery (Propaganda)
  10. Medea Terrorists (Living) (Das Psych-Oh! Rangers
  11. Fabergé, take two (Art of Noise)
  12. Language Problems (Extended Version) (Electric Guitars)
  13. Rage Hard (Vocal/Remix) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  14. Pop Muzik (Darkside/MM Devo Remix) (M)
  15. Network 7: opening titles (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)


  1. The Look of Love (Parts I, II, III & IV) (ABC)
  2. Sleepwalking (Movement Two) (Instinct
  3. Watching The Wildlife (Movement Two) (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
  4. Scottish Writer Of The Year (Pencil and Paper Mix) (Andrew Poppy)
  5. Mad House (Our House Instrumental Dub Version) (Madness)
  6. Sign Of The Times (Extended 12” Version) (Belle Stars)
  7. Docklands (12” Version) (Mint Juleps)
  8. Something Special (Inversion) (Stephen Duffy & Sandii)
  9. Jazz (Via Vagabond)
  10. The Word: opening titles (808 State)
  11. Moments In Love (Massey Mix Two) (808 State Vs.Art of Noise)
  12. Network 7 (12” Version) (Steve Levine/Julian Lindsay)
  13. A Friendly Warning (12” Version) (Act)
  14. The Tube:opening titles V.2 (Andrew Poppy)

To mark the 30th anniversary, ZTT/Salvo Music will release ‘Frankie Said (Deluxe Edition)’, ‘The Organisation of Pop (London Edition)’ & ‘The Art of the 12”, Volume Three’ on 10th February. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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    Introducing Nordic singer songwriter Silje Leirvik

    Annie Payne - Sunday 12.01.14, 14:50pm

    Nordic pop music songwriter Silje Leirvik

    Nordic songwriter Silje Leirvik

    Nordic songwriter Silje Leirvik is largely unknown in the UK but she has been making a bit of a spalsh in her native Norway.

    Silver & Gold was released in December and is taken from her album, Endless Serenade. The track benefits from some really rich, 60s inspired, production and you can certainly hear the influence that artists like The Doors, Fiona Apple, Gemma Hayes and Tom Waits have had on her.

    “Silver & Gold is a song about the complexity and mysteriousness of love. If it came in the form of silver and gold, we would know when it was found, but life tends to be less specific. The video was filmed in the Norwegian woods, only minutes from where the album was written and recorded” – Silje Leirvik

    It is this theme of love, and the mystery that entangles it, that dominates the album thematically.

    For more information on Silje Leirvik visit: Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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